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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  February 23, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> good time to watch that. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> get more news anytime at live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, breaking news, a traffic stop turns into a wild shootout with montgomery county police. >> good morning, washington. thanks for joining us, i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. lingering snow and ice means cool delays. in virginia, page county schools have a two-hour delay. shenandoah county schools are closed. in west virginia, morgan county on the two-delaware delay -- two-hour or delay along with some others. it is cold. >> in the teens handle 20's on
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this wednesday morning. 26 at reagan national, 19 in martinsburg, 29 in quantico. temperatures will drop through the morning and rise to the low 40's this afternoon with sunshine. light winds of the north through the dead. -- the day. later they shall is by tomorrow evening. just rain. highs near 50 degrees tomorrow afternoon. near 50 again on friday. rain off and on throughout friday and maybe a thunderstorm. late sunday into monday, more rain and maybe a thunderstorm on monday. upper 40's on saturday with sunshine. now to lisa baden. happy campers in va. hot lanes project will be gone soon on the beltway. looks good on the connector. no problems on the dulles toll
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road. 395 and the 14th street bridge, traffic is getting through, but they have been doing some work with the lights overhead. the wilson bridge right now, and now the beltway near the mormon temple, moving smoothly. dry pavement at connecticut ave. back to you. >> thank you. following breaking news. montgomery county police shot a suspect in rockville overnight. >> four in custody. courtney robinson is at the montgomery county headquarters with details. >> good morning. park police and montgomery county police are investigating. we do have one suspect in the hospital with a gunshot wound. the other is our at montgomery county police headquarters. this happened around 1:30 this morning near the middle school. a park police officers stopped a
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car with four people inside. an off-duty montgomery county police officer came upon the scene. some individuals in the car tried to run from the vehicle. one suspect reached for his waistband. that is when the off-duty officer fired at the suspect, hitting him. this officer is on administrative leave pending the outcome. she is a three-point five-year veteran of the police force. joining us is the captain of the police department. do we know what part police to begin with?r t >> it was a minor traffic violation. there was as strong odor of marijuana. he radioed for help. at least one person and from the vehicle. when others arrived, another
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person tried to get out of the vehicle. he reached for his waistband. that is when the officer fired the service weapon. >> these individuals are all in their 20's. did you find weapons on them? >> there have been no weapons recovered. >> still investigating, trying to figure out exactly what happened. you say that the officer did not tell them to put their hands upper? >> what commands were issued, we are not sure. there were some commands issued by that officer. the passenger who who is trying to get out of the vehicle failed to obey them. >> thank you. park police and montgomery county police are investigating. we will bring you the latest as soon as we get it. live from montgomery county police headquarters. our other top story, the
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first stretch of the intercounty connector is finally set to open at 6:00 this morning. the seven-mile section the next 370 in gaithersburg with georgia avenue in olney. yesterday's planned opening was delayed because of the weather. eventually it will stretch to interstate 95 in prince george's county. the icc is maryland's first all electronic toll road. drivers will need an easy t pass. it will be free for the first two weeks. councilman kwame brown is speaking out over a controversy involving his leased luxury suv. >> it was not the color brown that he wanted, so he got another one. he said that he thought the city canceled the first one and did not know they cost too thousand dollars a month each. >> i had no idea of the cost of the vehicle. i asked for a black suv. >> it's all about spending the
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city's money. >> brown told the city to take back both of the vehicles and cancel the leases, but it's not clear whether the district will be glad to get all of those leases or whether taxpayers will have to pay the bill until the leases expire. , host = staff rahm emanuel will be the next mayor of chicago. >> you know how to make a guy feel and pt home. >> he became a the first jewish mayor of the city, defeating five other candidates. president obama issued a statement saying that he is proud of his friend and fellow chicagoan. he will succeed longtime mayor richard daley in may. prices for one major department chain are all the way up. and the economy may be bouncing back. with oil prices on the rise, that is threatening the recovery. >> linda bell is live at bloomberg headquarters in new
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york. good morning. >> good morning. let's begin with stock-index futures on the heels of yesterday's big sell-off. stock-index futures indicating gains ahead of this morning's opening. yesterday oil surged, closing over $95 a barrel because of unrest in the middle east and north africa. morgan stanley analyst tell us if oil prices reach $120 a barrel on a sustainable basis, the global economic recovery is at risk of dipping back into recession. macy's is the latest retailer raising prices due to higher commodity costs like cotton. sears and j.c. penney's will address investors this week and we will see if they follow suit. warfare hikes at major airlines. blame that on higher fuel costs. there was a 10-dollar prize bull on the weekend already. united, continental, usair, and
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delta and others. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 4:37, 25 degrees outside. >> still to come, the impact at the gas pumps from the a unrest in the middle east. >> canal i think of that commercial when i hear darth vader. we will take you inside a star wars empire and inside a local home. >> temperatures in the
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4:41. in frederick right now it's 11 degrees. martinsburg, 16 degrees. 19 in rockville, 20 in leesburg. in the 20's in many locations. there are some spots in the teens. a lot of sunshine for today. high temperatures in the low 40's locally. a robber 30's northwest of the metro area. the average is 48 degrees and we will be below that today. near that the next couple days. we will have sunshine today with a few high, thin clouds. y withrt tomorrow sunn
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increasing clouds. tomorrow evening through tomorrow night is when we anticipate widespread rain and a few embedded thunderstorms here and there on friday. near 50 the next couple days. the main event will be on friday with rain showers. a little bit tomorrow evening. a lot of sunshine on saturday, a low 40's. the early bird gets to drive the icc and it's open for cars already between shady grove road and georgia avenue. we will show you a picture of shady grove road avenue exit, which is open for the icc project. that is 7 miles an open for your driving pleasure. let's see what's happening in virginia of 1995 at the 14th street bridge. they are still doing work on the bridge. the looks like we are getting through relatively unscathed in both directions of the 14th street bridge. that was scheduled overnight maintenance. they will be gone soon.
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back to you. >> thank you. 25 degrees outside on this wednesday morning. 25 degrees outside on this wednesday morning.
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welcome back. we have school delays and closings. page county and warren county schools will open two was late in virginia wallis shenandoah county schools are closed on
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this wednesday. berkeley, dickerson, and morgan county schools in west virginia logan two always late. one suspect is in the hospital in rockville and three others in custody after police- involved shooting. an officer opened fire as the suspects ran away after being pulled over near a middle school. the officer involved was not injured. relief for commuters in maryland as the first segment of the intercounty connector opens. the seven-mile section runs from 370 in gaithersburg and georgia avenue in olney. a winter storm delayed yesterday's planned opening. we are paying a hefty sum for gasoline already, but it may only get worse. now the nation's airlines are taking action that you are probably not going to like. now that story. >> whether it is driving or flying, in the coming months you might have to pay more at the counter and at the pump.
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>> it is expensive. >> its about $50 or $60 for my car. >> it's already over $3 a gallon and some places $4 almost. if we could reach $5 a gallon before the summer. >> i guess i will have to start selecting where i go and be more careful and maybe taking public transit. >> the increases are in part because of the growing turmoil in the middle east. violence in libya this week has raised fears that oil production could be threatened, which would also raise jet fuel prices. >> i figure that things will be tighter. >> most major u.s. airlines have already increased prices. american, united, continental, and u.s. airways raised prices on monday by $20 up to six dollars per round trips. >> i am a frequent flyer card holder. >> dead fuel prices have
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increased in the past year. for drivers, gas prices are up 20% from a year ago. >> things in the middle east are only going to get worse. >> the average family in the d.c. area spends about $4,100 a year on gas. if the prices goes up to $5 a gallon, that family would spend $6,700 a year. abc 7 news, john gonzales. the budget battle in wisconsin is spreading to other states. governors in iowa, indiana, and 0 highfill are trying to diminished union negotiating rights in an effort to close the budget gap. wisconsin governor scott walker says there could be dire consequences if lawmakers don't act soon. the u.s. is condemning the murders of four americans on board a hijacked yacht near somalia. u.s. military says pilots shot
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scott and jean adam of california and another couple from seattle. while negotiations were underway to free them, their votes was captured friday off the coast of oman. the couple was sailing around the world to spread the bible. >> they wanted to do a little bit for this world, to make a difference. it is a big tragedy. >> two pirates were killed, 15 others captured. this is the first time somali pirates have killed american citizens. in the day ahead, deliberations begin in the road rage trial of a man and charged with attempted murder. he fired several shots at a dump truck last march after it hit his car on 95 in woodbrige. the truck driver still faces reckless driving charges. there's a protest planned today against fort detrick and the government over agent orange. the substance was tested and don
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to near 43 years ago. experts hired by the kristen renee foundation say they have confirmed evidence of a cancer cluster. county and state health officials had not found a definite link and are disputing the charges. president obama will visit the wounded warriors during a stop today. aquinas is the commander-in- chief will spend about an hour meeting privately with troops at the national naval medical center. 25 degrees outside on this early wednesday morning. >> coming up a little later, one man's house becomes a tribute to a galaxy far away. >>
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captioned by the national captioning institute wednesday morning. looking at this reading in hagerstown. this is the exception, 10 degrees above. 19 in martinsburg, 30 in culpeper, 24 in the plate. northwest d.c. at 22 degrees, 25 in arlington. we have clear skies right now with some cloud cover down to the south. mostly clear across the majority of the viewing area. notice a few rain showers developing in the midsection of the country. throughout the day we will have an area of low pressure
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developing in texas. that will slowly move north and east through tomorrow and into friday. rain showers will spread far i looked ahead of the center that low. we anticipate a rival of rain by late tomorrow evening and throughout the day on friday especially friday morning through the early afternoon. today, sunshine, 42 degrees. near freezing nights and may be below freezing. increasing clouds the model with holiday shoppers. most of the rain on friday. normal travel times right now between richmond and baltimore. along 95 between fredericksburg and springfield is running nicely. the good of the beltway near andrews air force base. looks good at college park. quiet is 95 between the beltway and the baltimore beltway. this is 95 in springfield, headlights are northbound in this camera. we will take you to one more. that is the access for the icc,
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which is open between shady grove road and georgia avenue. brianne carter will have some live details from the icc coming up in a little while. we will b
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you could call it a love for "star wars" and it's out of this world. many of us have seen people dress up as the characters. >> no local man is showing us
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his affection for the popular movie series. thomas atkinson and his massive "star wars" collection. >> in maryland, down a dirt road since the weather talus with an album this world, really seen, remarkable collection. on his 13th birthday, he saw "star wars." >> i was totally blown away. >> the movie also inspired the creation of a toy empire large enough to defeat the dark side. >> "star wars" changed my life. >> his fancy for action picturfigures grew into a passid then an obsession. >> this is an unusually large collection. >> this 46-year-old has more
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than 13,000 "star wars" toys. >> this is my first. >> he named this place they star toys museum. there's no gift shop or advertising budget. inside this cluttered area you can slip into a world of childhood dreams, among the stars while battling the forces of evil. toys of taken over. >> what you saw makes up half the collection. the rest is go away in a safe place in the original packaging. abc 7 news. >> impressive set up. >> that is amazing. there's a lot more ahead in the next half-hour or. >> comg


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